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You ain't seen nothing yet

See Amsterdam through the eyes of a local!

Don’t you hate it to feel like a tourist, or even worse, to be treated as one? If so, come and see Amsterdam with us. For one day you will feel like a local, for we will take you to the real Amsterdam where the locals come and live!

Our strength are our guides. They’re young, energetic, they have humour and they are real. They are borne and raised in Amsterdam and proud of their city. They want to get rid of the dull image that most city guides have. They want to show you Amsterdam the way they experience it: No-nonsense.

We offer various walks through two parts of Amsterdam: the ‘Jordaan’ and the ‘Red Light District’. We only offer tours in these two areas of Amsterdam and that’s why we have a indepth comprehension of the people, the architecture, the history and anecdotes of these challenging areas.

On this site you can read more about our city walks. These city walks can be arranged according to the profile of the group. We can also combine different tours, so you will receive a 'tailor made'  walk especially for you. When you have more specific questions about the walks on offer you can always email or call us.

See you in Amsterdam!