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Walking tour Johnny extra

This walk is the same as described in the guided tour 'Johnny Jordaan' but with some additional items.  We welcome you with a drink in a cheerful café in the neighborhood. A experienced guide will explain you the ins and outs of the Jordaan. During this walk we make a stop in one of the following museums: the TheoThijssen-, Pianola- or the Houseboatmuseum. At the end of the tour we go to an attractive public house and taste a sweet liquor with names like 'Missy in Green' or a 'Rose Without Thorns'. 

Duration of the tour: 2 hours. Costs: €22, 50 p.p. (
For smaller groups we charge a minimum of €225,-.

You want to go on?

The guided tour has finished, but you’re not tired yet?? You can extend the tour and put together you’re own programme. Click here for nice ideas.