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Power Pole Dance

This tour is the same as the Red Light Tour of Duty except for some additional items. After we had a welcome’s drink in a cheerful café on the well known Zeedijk, an experienced guide will accompany you through the streets of the Red Light District. During the tour we will make a stop in one of the following sites: Our Dear Lord on the Attic (our favorite), the Old Church, The Prostitution Information Centre, Condomery the Golden Coating or the Erotic Discount Centre.
After the tour, we will walk to the nearby dance centre where you will enjoy a professional pole dance workshop. All the basic moves of a strip dancer will be offered during a two hour workshop. You will learn all the moves of pole dancing in an erotic and athletic way. Your teacher is a skilled dancer with extensive education and experienced in different dance styles. She teaches you in a save and relaxed environment. The most important thing is: it is not scary; on the contrary, it is fun! Nothing is obliged, but everything is possible!
Duration of the program: 4 hours. Costs: €57, 50 p.p. (tax incl.)
For smaller groups we charge a minimum of €575,-