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Red Light Special

Also this tours starts with a drink in a cheerful café on the Zeedijk. Afterwards you will step in the ‘real’ life with an experienced guide. The guide will tell you all about the ins and outs of the Red Light District. To give you the most honest and objective information, we invite you to listen to the true story of a lady out of the profession. She will tell her own story about the life in the Red Light District. She will tell you how she got into the bussiness, how customers behave and the way she handles her situation. She tells you things  you always wanted to know.
Other highlights during the tour, we will make a stop in one of the following sites: Our Dear Lord in the Attic (our favorite), the Old Church, The Prostitution Information Centre, Condomery the Golden Coating or the Erotic Discount Centre. After the tour, the guide will drop you in a pleasant restaurant in the neighborhood where you will enjoy a three or four meal course. At the end we will tour around the Red Light District by night after which we will get a nightcap in one of the numerous pubs in the hood!
Duration of the program: 5 hours. Costs: starting at €60 p.p. (tax incl.).
For smaller groups we charge a minimum of €600,-.