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About us?

See Amsterdam Tours is the initiative of Kim Verkuyl (33) and Ellen Rijntjes (24). Kim studied Cultural Anthropology and till now divided her time between South-America, Africa, the far East and Amsterdam. When she wasn’t abroad traveling she worked as a guide in the red light district and that’s where she came into contact with the ladies of pleasure.  During her study business administration Ellen also worked as a guide in the Red Light District. That’s why she feels completely at home in the curious world of prostitution.

After five years of interaction with the ladies and gentleman in and around the red light district Kim & Ellen decided it was time for a different approach. ‘During the tours we often heard how many people labeled the girls. They have a stereotyped image.’ Every time they were surprised how judgmental people where: ‘ they cannot tell  an A from a B, their ignorant, their sex-, drugs-, and alcohol addicted’  and it went on and on. 

See Amsterdam Tours has as an objective ‘ the acceptation of prostitution in society’. Especially respect for the ladies behind the window is an important issue. The informative approach of the tour puts the preconceived ideas in an other dimension, and because of it a more realistic image of life in the red light district emerges. This doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun during the tour. We discuss hysterical anecdotes and funny situations that occur in the Red Light District. But we also talk about the shocking facts of working behind the windows. The Red Light District is the oldest part of the city and that’s why we will also pay attention to the beautiful buildings and the history of the area.

Contrary on what you may think, Amsterdam has more to offer than only the Red Light District! There are so many more nice areas in the city. Ellen and Kim know this very well because they live in such a beautiful area…..the Jordaan. An area romanticized in many Dutch songs. Its famous for its people, beautiful monuments, narrow canals, cozy pubs, small shops and delicious restaurants. They would love to take you there to show you where they live. They show you the most beautiful spots while they tell you interesting stories of the present and funny anecdotes of the past.

De Jordaan
Bij ons in de Jordaan, zing je van hela hola hoeladiejee..... De Amsterdamse Jordaan, met recht de meest bezongen, beschreven en geromantiseerde stadswijk van Nederland. Vertel eens verder
De Wallen
Al eeuwenlang is Amsterdam wereldberoemd, zelfs berucht, om haar rosse buurt. De Amsterdamse wallen blijft mensen trekken. Vertel verder