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Red Light Tour

This tour is not only known for the district with the finest selection of the most beautiful women, this area offers more than that. On this square kilometer you can find stunning architecture, beautiful churches, secret allies, a Buddhist temple, enjoyable pubs and outdoor café’s. We begin our tour with a welcome’s drink in a cheerful café from where we will take you to the oldest part of town.
All your questions will be answered like; how did Amsterdam come into existence? Why is the Red Light District located just there? Where does the red light comes from? Who are Haring Arie and Black Lola? Why do women go into prostitution? What happened in the Satan’s Church? After this tour you will be totally up to date about the ins and outs of the Red Light District!
Duration of the tour: 1,5 à 2 hours. Costs: €15,- p.p. (
For smaller groups we charge a minimum of €150,-.

You want to go on?

The guided tour has finished, but you’re not tired yet?? You can extend the tour and put together you’re own program. Click here for nice ideas.